The wvhuddle site is a new website that contains a variety of sources and valuable information regarding Labrador retrievers. 

We started this website by the end of  2020 and we can't explain how excited we are to share our experiences with you by having a labrador for over 10 years!

Zeyneb is a young woman from Morocco, one of the most beautiful countries in the north of Africa and her Labrador just added more sweetness to her life.

Now she decided to share the love and passion of dogs with the world. 😊

The wvhuddle Site’s Mission

2020 was a unique year where we have to be isolated from the world and try to have our own space somehow, this website is our space to help people know more about their dogs and share the common passion we have with them.

There is a lot of information on this site, and we regularly release new content and update old content. Zelena's articles and training tips are a great way to learn about the latest dog training methods and techniques and discover interesting new ways to connect with dogs. Don’t forget to enter your name in the box below to receive her training tips via email!

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