Do Dogs Like Music? And What Type Of Music Do Dogs Likes ?


Do dogs like music? It seems they did ! Dogs will be affected by music and will produce signs such as barking, howling and even relaxation.

But do dogs like certain types of dogs? When do they like to listen to music most? let’s find out.

Can dogs listen to music?

It is true that dog ears are more sensitive than our ears. Therefore, they will be able to hear the song you play.

However, it also means that they can hear louder sounds than we hear, so it’s important to keep this in mind when you are listening to music with your dog around.
The hearing range of dogs is between 47 and 44,000 Hz. In contrast, human hearing ranges from as low as 20 to 20,000 Hz.

Just like humans, certain types of music can calm your dog, while other types of music can hype them. Moreover, many dogs show a preference for certain types of dogs.

Do dogs like music?

Maybe the answer to this question is yes! Dogs like music. Not only do they like it, but they also have their own unique music hobby!

Many people who play music for puppies notice changes in their behavior, which makes us make assumptions about how they feel about music.
Reactions may include calm behavior, restlessness, barking, howling, etc. In fact, howling is one of the most common ways a dog responds to music.

However, different dogs will react differently

Dogs who bark at music

There are hundreds of videos online about how dogs barking various songs. Once a certain song is played, the owner will see their dog jump up and sing with them!

This is a video of a dog barking in flute music, which makes his giggling family members very happy!

According to an article by Stanley Coren of Canine Corner, dogs have a sense of pitch and like to "sing." Although their idea of ​​playing notes may be very different from ours.

You might think howling is a sign of pain, sadness, and irritability in dogs, but this is not always true.

For example, a wolf deliberately hows in a different tone than other wolves. By ensuring that they keep up with the times, their voices will stand out. As we all know, dogs how to bark in the same way.

This is completely different from human singing that is suitable for a specific tone.

According to Dr. Coren, the music that caused the most howling seemed to be mature music with flute and other wind instruments. Therefore, if your dog sniffs the music you are playing, they may be communicating through their own "singing" genre!

The Studies

A study conducted by psychologist Deborah Wells at Queen’s University Belfast effectively showed that dogs behave differently when exposed to different types of music.

However, Wells is not the only one investigating this.

A number of studies have focused on using music to increase relaxation and reduce stress in dogs, especially in stressful environments such as shelters and veterinary hospitals.

Several studies support that some types of music can help dogs feel more relaxed. However, the suggestion made by Bowman et al. is that dogs may be accustomed to certain types of music, which means they may have become accustomed to it and may stop responding normally.

They suggested that the fullness of hearing should be changed to reduce the chance of this happening. So this means playing different types of music with the same relaxing effect for your pet!

But what kind of music do dogs like?

What kind of music do dogs like?

The aforementioned Wells study looked at how dogs respond to several different genres. In this study, asylum dogs listening to heavy metal or trash music started barking and showed signs of restlessness.

On the other hand, when playing classical music, their mood changes and they become more calm and relaxed. When these dogs come into contact with popular music such as Britney Spears or play recordings of human conversations with each other, they have little or no reaction.

Many other studies also support the theory that classical music is the most relaxing for dogs.

If you want your dog to relax and feel good, try playing some Beethoven or Mozart music for him. This is a beautiful Husky to enjoy (and sing together) to Bach.

When do dogs like to listen to music?

Have you ever found that a good song can relieve stress when you are anxious? The same is true for your dog.

The stress of pets can be caused by many factors, including long hours away from home, thunderstorms, firecrackers, etc.

When I was about to leave the house or realized I was going to take a bath, my own dog showed anxiety.

During this time, it is best to add some soft music to help her relax and show her that she is safe.

Research shows that we can train dogs to conditionally respond to music.

In this study, dogs who listened to music with their owners were less stressed if they listened to music alone. Therefore, it can indeed calm down our dog when we are away.

Because we now know that dogs and music go hand in hand, so we should indulge them!

The type of music that a dog loves and reacts to it will vary from pet to pet. So, try some different genres on your dog!

Just remember to keep the volume quiet and turn it off when the dog is upset.

Does your dog like to listen to music? We hope to hear your experience in the comments below.

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