Why Do Dogs Lick People

Is your dog constantly licking? Does he lick people and faces? Are you thinking: Why do dogs lick?

Licking is the nature of dogs. They do this instinctively for many reasons, but sometimes it also learns some behavior.

But why do dogs lick people? 

However, not every dog ​​licks like his friend. For example, our 4-year-old chocolate girl Rachael seldom licks, and the fox red Lab Tess hardly leaves any traces of moisture

In this guide, you will find all the information about licking dogs. Answer the following questions: "Why do dogs lick?" and "Why  dogs lick people and themselves, and why do dogs licks other dogs". Also, explain why dogs lick excessively and what to do about it.

Why dogs lick

The dog’s tongue is a very important organ. Unlike us, they have no hands and can't speak. They use their tongues for many reasons-to clean, communicate, express love, explore their surroundings-and deal with stress.
When puppies are born, their mother licks them. Not only to clean them and help them go to the toilet, but also to make them comfortable.

Both licking and being licked release endorphins (feel-good hormones), making your dog feel happy and comfortable. This is a natural cure for anxiety.

Therefore, when something makes the dog nervous, they may lick it. Otherwise, when a dog has a terrible experience with a person or another dog, he may lick it. The dog can even start licking when it is bored.
Instinctively, when the dog is in the wild, the puppies preparing to be weaned will lick their mother's mouth and eat reflux food. Dogs still have this instinct, so another reason dogs lick may be that they are hungry.

In social situations, licking someone's face is a way to recognize who is the leader. The obedient dog licked and said: I am at rest, I don't want to cause trouble.

Dog licks are also used to explore their environment. Not only can you taste the things around you, you can also smell it.

Dogs and most other animals have so-called Jacobson’s organs on the back of their upper jaws, which are used to analyze specific chemicals called pheromones. Dogs can use their tongues to blow the smell through their mouths to their organs.

Therefore, this allows us to explain why dogs lick people.

Why do dogs lick your face?

As we have already discussed, when a puppy is with her mother, they will lick her mouth to encourage her to ruminate. Therefore, licking the face is an instinctive behavior, which will bring considerable rewards.

You will know that puppies will lick your face whenever they have a chance. As the dog gets older, this behavior usually decreases.

However, if you are happy with the dog's face licking, you will continue to reward this behavior until adulthood. Even if you didn't mean it-give him physical attention or give him more rewarding food.

Then, the dog licking his face became a learned behavior, and 
the owner unexpectedly reinforced this behavior. If you want to reduce the dog's face-licking, then when he does this, immediately eliminating your attention should gradually reduce it.

Why do dogs lick your hands?

Dogs licking their hands may be a way to attract attention. Hug and keep pets, remind you that it’s time to eat. They may even tell you that their glass is empty or they need to go out.

Your dog may even tell you that there is a serious problem somewhere. Therefore, if your dog is licking your hand or another part of your body more intently than usual, it may be an idea to look around to see if something is wrong.

Your dog may also just lick your hands because they taste or smell too good.

How many delicious things do you pick up every day? Prepare meals, snacks and children’s dinners. Open the shopping bag and tidy the kitchen counter. Even the hand cream you just wore.

Every time you come across something that your dog might like, fine particles will be left on your skin, and his sensitive tongue can detect it.

It is also assumed that dogs like the salty taste of our skin, especially if our palms are sweating on a hot sunny day!

What do dogs licking means you?

Do you let your hugging face moist, or your legs covered with drooling? You are not alone!

Many dogs like to lick. With some people, if you want to hug, they want to turn it into a kiss.
You might like a dog’s kiss or find it annoying. It is important to realize that it is part of your dog.

For your dog, you are a member of his backpack. Therefore, the answer to the question "Why do dogs lick people" is mainly for all the same instinctive reasons as dogs use their tongues.

They may like this taste, want to show obedience or affection, or try to communicate with you.

The motive of the dog's lick can be inferred by looking at the location of the dog's licking and the circumstances that prompted him to start.

Some dogs lick just to show love, or greet them in the morning or when you are out. Or use their tongue to feel and capture the smell of clothes and skin, especially when you are in contact with other dogs.

Some dogs will lick you for attention. Maybe they want to go for a walk or they are hungry. 
Your dog might also be asking for some comfort and when something is making them nervous.

So why do dogs lick people? that's their own way to contact you. So whats licking different parts of you means?

Dog constantly licking

Some dogs will lick your attention. Maybe they want to go out, or maybe your dinner is a little late. When something makes them nervous, your dog may prompt you to pet them or ask you to provide some comfort and relief.

Then why do dogs lick people? This is how they contact the owner. Now, you may be wondering whether it makes sense to lick things in different parts.

As discussed, dogs will lick when stressed and anxious. This can sometimes become an obsessive-compulsive disorder and can be treated by an animal behavior therapist. Your veterinarian may even prescribe medicines that can help you.

Therefore, if your dog starts to lick more than usual, you should definitely consider visiting a vet. They will be able to determine if your pet has a health problem and prescribe appropriate treatments.


The dog licks. They use their tongues as part of their natural instincts for various reasons. Then why do dogs lick people? Mainly for the same reason.

However, you do need to be careful not to accidentally promote licking behavior, especially if you don't like it.

Your puppy may also lick your attention for certain reasons. If your dog licking is not their normal emotional performance, please consider it.

Various health problems can cause increased and abnormal licking. Therefore, if your dog starts to lick constantly, make an appointment with your veterinarian.

Do your dog licks you? Share your story with your dog in the comments section below.

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