Do Dogs Like Kisses? Do they Understand kisses?

Do dogs like kissing? Do dogs understand kissing? 

Almost everyone knows the value and meaning of kissing. This is one of the main ways we love each other and our pets.

Naturally, dogs don't understand the meaning of kissing. However, there is evidence that dogs can learn to understand and even enjoy kissing! Let us take a closer look. 

Do dogs understand kissing? 

Dogs have no natural understanding of kissing.

It is not their genes to automatically understand what the lips of human friends are doing.

Scientists suspect that kissing is a behavior in our genes. Usually, it is unique to humans. 

But despite previous estimates, a new study shows that only about 46% of cultures engage in romantic kissing. In addition, most hunter-gatherer groups do not kiss at all.

In fact, kissing is a fairly new behavior. The earliest evidence of a kiss is the Sanskrit text of Hindu Sanskrit dating back about 3500 years. Other older descriptions of lovers or spouses often just show that they are close to each other.

Therefore, kissing is likely to be a cultural act passed on from generation to generation.

Therefore, the dog will not naturally understand its behavior.

Do Dogs Like Kissing?

Now, this confuses our main question: Do dogs like to be kissed, and can dogs understand kissing?

There is some evidence that dogs learn to understand and enjoy kissing. The most breakthrough of these studies occurred in 2012.

Labrador retrievers were told to interact for sixty minutes with their owners. In this interaction, ten blood samples were collected from each person and dog.

Specifically, analyze the levels of oxytocin and cortisol in blood samples. Oxytocin is related to happiness and affection, while cortisol is related to stress.

The research uncovered many things about the interaction between people and dogs. However, the most prominent finding is the increase in oxytocin levels in dogs that are frequently kissed by their owners.

In other words, dogs kissed by their owners have higher levels of "feel good" hormones. This means that dogs may understand and enjoy human kisses to some extent.

It Depends on the Dog

Of course, not all dogs like to kiss. If you want to kiss your dog, the best way to show them that this behavior is affectionate is to pair it with other things they like-such as treatment.

This can help your dog learn to love your kisses.

Over time, they may begin to associate kissing with the attention and intimacy of a human partner, which makes them happy.

When trying to kiss a dog, be sure to pay close attention to the dog's body language. If they are nervous, have raised their soles, are showing their teeth or appear nervous in any other way, it is best to stop kissing them.

Not all dogs love kissing, and there are many other ways to show your love for dogs without stressing them.

Do Dogs Like Hugging?

When you kiss a dog, you may try to hug them at the same time.

However, many dogs do not like being hugged. Especially don't hold big bears.

Many dogs show signs of distress when being hugged, such as turning their heads to show whale eyes, lowering their ears, and licking lips.

Some dogs may like to hug. Especially if you pair actions with goodies.

However, many dogs will not like being hugged. If your dog shows signs of stress while hugging, it's best to stop.

Is Licking similar to Kissing?

As you may know, the dog is licking. Some dogs (such as my dog) seem to want to lick your hands, face, and arms constantly.

Other dogs will not lick at all. This seems to be a form of dog kissing, but what does "kissing" mean?

The main purposes of licking:

First, the dog licked his groom. They get dirty and then clean themselves with their tongues. Sometimes this behavior is for social grooming. In this case, dogs groom each other to improve the connection between them and blend their smell.

 The puppies also lick the mouth of the old dog, which is a greeting and also encourages food reflux.

This is just an easy way to transport food to young packaging members who are less capable.

Why dogs lick?

The cause of dog licking may be the result of the third cause.

In addition, the behavior is reinforced through a process called habit learning.

Basically, the dog greets or tries to get food first, and then licks the owner's face. Then, the owner gives the dog attention and/or food.

This encourages the dog to lick, and he or she licks more and more for attention or food rewards.


So, what is the verdict? Do dogs like being kissed, and can dogs understand kissing?

If you have a puppy, it is likely that they do not know what a kiss is. However, over time, they may learn.

In addition, during this period, they will enjoy the cause of intimacy and intimate kisses!

However, just like with people, some dogs will not like kissing. If your dog is showing fear or aggression, it is best to abandon the interaction.

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