When Do Lab Puppies Stop Biting


Many Labrador parents will be asked, "When will the puppies stop biting?"  Biting by an 8-week-old puppy is painful. and frustrating.

Puppies start teething at 3-4 months old

With some exceptions, when your puppy has a full set of teeth at 7 months, it will stop biting the dog.

Puppies bite because of teething, but they also bite in the game. Therefore, we will study these two issues.

Do all Labradors bite?

YES! Any 10 or 12-week old Labrador puppy bit people!

I can assure you that this applies to all Labradors in the first few months of life.

Fortunately, this is a stage puppies go through, not a permanent role defect. And most adult Labrador dogs are indeed very good natural dogs.

Before I start to show you how to transform your Labrador puppy from a crocodile into a cute friend, we will take a little look at what makes your puppy bite like this.

What is normal and what is not normal.

My puppy bites a lot

He bit a lot of things, mainly children!

This is undoubtedly worrying when your child’s tears after playing with the puppy are not the tears of joy you expected.

When your new puppy is in full "biting mode" and is chasing a three-year-old in the kitchen, you can wonder if you really made a terrible mistake that brought it into life. Let's take a closer look.

My puppy is biting my children!

If your child sheds tears every time they try to play and cuddle with their new friends, you may want to know if your puppy has become aggressive.

You may even worry that your child may be in danger.

Fortunately, When your puppy may scare your child with sharp teeth and growl. The way he behaves now does not mean that he will pose a threat to their safety in the future.

Happily, research shows that the behavior of little puppies does not predict their behavior in adulthood!

Some small puppies are more likely to bite and scare children than adults. This is related to the behavior of the children around the puppies, not to the puppies’ character.

Why do puppies bite children?

The children gave contradictory signals to the puppy. And because puppies are not good at interpreting children's movements and sounds, they react improperly.

Fortunately, there are many ways to simplify the work for yourself and your children. We will introduce these later.

In short, you need to be patient at this point, which helps you know that this stage is indeed passing quickly. Moreover, it is perfectly normal for all puppies to bite a lot of things, and to bite children particularly passionately.

Why do Labrador puppies bite so much?

It must be said that at this stage of its development, the Labrador is more prone to bite than some other breeds of dogs. In fact, hounds are usually as easy to bite as puppies.

We have kept these dogs for generations and they are a little obsessed with putting them in our mouths, so maybe it's not surprising that they are very open when they are small and playful.

When do puppies stop biting?

Even if you do nothing, if you don't play with the puppy much, the bite will naturally begin to decrease when you are about four to five months old.

In families with only one or two adults who have experience with puppies and do not excite the puppies, this situation can easily occur without extensive active "bite-free" training.

This also happens in families with working dogs, where the dogs may be kennels, or at least they are not allowed to interact with anyone other than the coach or primary caregiver without supervision.

A 2001 study of guide dog puppies showed that mere refusal to interact and refuse to play is enough to prevent puppies from biting adult puppies.

But this is a big problem, but-in most young families, this is not always the case.

In many families, especially where the puppy is a novelty, everyone often plays with the puppy in a very physical way. This gets the puppy very excited and often makes the bite worse.

Inexperienced puppies owners also tend to give attention rewards when biting, thus inadvertently extending the time of biting.

Things that make biting worse

All in all, these are the three things that make most Labrador puppies worse
  • Excitement

If the puppies are excited, they will bite more. The more excited they are, the harder it is to bite.
Rough physical competition will excite the puppies, rub the puppies, chase the puppies, catch the puppies. All these things excite the puppy
Noisy behavior may also excite puppies, so children scream, cry, adults yell or cross. All these will make the puppies fall into a kind of "crash"

  • Attention

Rewarding puppies for biting will also make the puppies bite more and extend the biting phase.
You might not think that you will reward a puppy for biting, but you might. You might reward him with "attention"
Puppies like to pay attention. Compared with most puppies, Labrador puppies are especially social and caring about love.
Any contact with you or other members of your family, including physical contact, talking, shouting and even eye contact, will reward your puppy.
If you give him these things when you bite him, it will enhance the biting behavior and he will bite in the future

  • Poor bite inhibition What makes bites more harmful is the poor bite inhibition ability. Therefore, the next section will explain what inhibits the bite and how to help your puppy improve the bite. Labrador puppies are only eight weeks old and can actually crush the bones of your little fingers with their jaws. But when the puppy bites you, your fingers will not interrupt you! He might not even break the skin. This boils down to the "bite inhibition" process. Your puppy learns to suppress his bite at a young age. This is equivalent to "pull fist". Both his mother and siblings helped him teach him how to bite without hurting them.


Biting is a frustrating and sometimes painful stage of puppy growth, but no matter how fierce your puppy sounds, no matter how hard he bites, this is actually just a playful and normal puppy behavior.

If this is your first puppy, then this is a good puppy preschool that uses modern powerless training methods. It will support you throughout the stage and help you avoid other puppy behavior problems. method.

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